What to do About Fair Park?

I have read the news report. Fair Park is in the toughest kind of predicament. Last year Fair Park had its best year in history for ticket sales to the State Fair of Texas. It was bustling with activity and liveliness. For Fair Park, the State fair is the highlight, the money maker. People travel every year to relive old memories and create new ones.

Fast forward some months afterward. Fair Park is desolate. Tumbleweeds could go roll down the center of the park and not hit anything. Herein lies the problem: the city of Dallas has a short term money producer that does nothing the rest of the year. The economy around the park is limping along and getting ready to capsize taking good neighborhoods down with it.

Now for the solution: every person that claims an interest in Fair Park believes they have the answer. Some desire to modernize the park, others want to tear it down, one person wants to move the park. The fair would move to the rear of the property and the front would be a business such as a community college to help sustain revenue year round. The best remedy I have heard was from a Dallas resident who would love to see the park used year round as a community center.

The resolution must come down soon for Fair Park and I know that’s a hard decision. Parks are happy memory makers. I can still smell cotton candy and French fries in my memory of our residential area park.

By the way my hometown park faced the same problem, but the community came together and its now a thriving park that is used year round and receives its own revenue stream. It is possible for Dallas’s Fair Park as well.