UNT To Focus On Teacher’s Emotional Health

The job of a teacher can be extremely distressing and frustrating. Naturally with as much stress as teachers must deal with the emotional toll their occupation takes on them needs to be addressed. The University Of North Texas has taken up this challenge. Over the next five years North Texas will need to hire 35,000 new teachers, and this will be due almost entirely to resignations(predicted by most experts to be around 95% of all new positions). The Emerging Teacher Institute is a new program by the University Of North Texas designed to help future teachers deal with the stress the job will give them.

Essentially the Emerging Teacher Institute teaches future instructors how to deal with their own emotional and mental health. With the help of a donation of $500,000 from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the University of North Texas will use the program to teach wellness techniques such as meditation to give teachers a grip on mental stress. Initially the Emerging Teacher Institute will focus on the southern Dallas area, but it will expand so far beyond that. This is good news for Dallas which has been struggling to keep teachers from moving out into the suburbs of Dallas which offer higher paying positions.

The concept of the Emerging Teacher Institute is an idea already seen in many student programs found throughout the Dallas area. Given that these techniques are deemed suitable for students, it isn’t much of a stretch to assume they can also help out their teachers as well. Originally, these programs were inspired by the Austin school system’s social health programs. After seeing the success they had, Dallas picked up the idea. Given the challenge the Dallas public school system has in keeping its teachers on board, it might be time for a change.