The Dallas Zoo Monorail is Ready with Great Reviews

Renovations and Repairs are Complete
The story has been reported on that the Dallas Zoo monorail is ready and now open. It has been almost two years of repairs and renovations that have been going on. It was Friday that this was re-opened and the reviews have been great. This is the Dallas Zoo’s Wild Adventure Safari monorail.

Approximately Three million Dollars in Upgrades
Approximately three million dollars in upgrades have ensured that the re-opening received great reviews. Some of the repairs have included:
* air conditioning to offer relief in the hot summer
* the electrical system received needed repairs
* a clear view is now offered for the animals that previously were not in clear view

The Monorail is Back on Track
A big day at the Dallas Zoo. The first ride has gone smoothly. The lines for the monorail were long and filled with enthusiasm. Everyone was happy to see the animals again. The first riders on the monorail were filled with anticipation. The zoo had sent out an email stating that the monorail was ready and re-opened. The air conditioning that was added was ready, however, it was not needed for the re-opening. The weather had held out for the day. It was a smooth and good ride for everyone. The overflow parking lot needed to be opened. A big round of applause was given and warmly received for the re-opening of this exhibit. Zoo goers were thrilled to come and see the re-opening of this exhibit. Great reviews were given for the re-opening of Dallas Zoo monorail.

Riders Rescued in 2014
It was in the year 2014 that riders had been rescued by Dallas Fire Rescue. This had gotten stuck at least three times from 2011 to 2014. The repairs and the renovations have left the Monorail safe and comfortable for everyone to enjoy. The previous issues with the monorail are now left in the past and a refreshed and repaired monorail is ready to provide a smooth ride with a clear view.