STAAR Test Glitches Effect Dallas Students

Recently, grade level students across Dallas sat down to take their STAAR test, as they do every year. However, this time, not everything went so well. During the writing test, which is taken by students grade 4 and 7, not all of the answers given were being saved by the computer they were testing on.

When students logged in, completed part of the test, then logged out, many had issues. Say a student went on lunch break; when they returned, relogged in to the system, then tried to submit their answers, they would receive an error. When trying again, they would find their answers missing. Many feared that this meant everything was lost and the students, who just spent an entire day finishing the test, would need to take it again.

Thankfully, not all is lost. Many students took the test on paper, rather than on the computer, so teachers are holding out hope that most students weren’t affected by the glitches. ETS, the company behind the testing software used this year, said that they believe “the answers were saved”, even though there was an error displayed. ETS is scheduled to give a response on what needs to be done before testing resumes, and many parents in the Dallas area hope that the response is positive.