Paying Tribute to a Legend in Dallas

The Dallas Observer revealed a wonderful story about an impressive young man, his name is Dalton Sherman. The story that had been reported, revolves around this young man. Many people have made the claim that they are indeed pleased to know Dalton Sherman. It may be a fact, that he is a legend who will never be forgotten. This is a newsworthy story that also revolves around Charles Rice Elementary school. This school happens to be located right in Dallas. This Elementary School has a reputation of being the best school in all of Dallas. Dalton Sherman attended this school. Why are so many people pleased to know Dalton Sherman?

There is a very good reason that so many people are pleased to know Dalton Sherman. He was only nine years old when he impacted the lives of approximately 17,000 Dallas teachers and other staff members. This young man delivered such a profound speech with the approximate 17,000 individuals jammed into the American Airlines Center. His voice was loud and clear as he asked the question “Do you believe in me?” He also informed the audience that they had played a major role in his own belief in himself. It was a speech that had gone viral on YouTube. This nine year old boy proudly acknowledged the staff at Charles Rice Elementary School. Their dedication and solid belief in their students allowed success to shine brightly. It was noted that the gifted teachers helped channel the potential that every student has. Dalton Sherman’s words led him to become a national sensation. His speech received over a million views. He then moved on to make appearances on the following shows:
* The Ellen DeGeneres Show
* Oprah
* Today

Dalton Sherman gave a speech that will live in the hearts and minds of many people. His spoken words have made so many people pleased to know him. He is a legend that deserves a tribute. He is currently preparing to graduate from Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy.