NexBank Serves Its Clients In Multiple Ways

NexBank Capital Inc is a financial services company that serves clients through three core businesses; Investment, commercial, and mortgage banking. NexBank provides unique financial and banking services to financial institutions, corporations, and individuals throughout the world.

NexBank has been serving the banking community since 1922. NexBank places an emphasis on leadership, and wants to deliver value to clients. Clients are provided unique access to solutions delivered by professionals who have a reputation for success. NexBank’s directors bring a wealth of management and leadership experience, as well as a strong hunger for success.

NexBank is a trusted partner to institutions. Under NexBank, institutions grow, maximize their earnings, and expand their presence in the market. NexBank provides funding that supports the expansion efforts of institutions, while also helping these institutions deal with debt. Institutions can receive a loan to help fund new acquisitions. NexBank ofers a number of services to help institutions receive greater access to depository activities. NexBank partners with Syndicated National Credits to help institutions get access to different markets while expanding their portfolio.

NexBank utilizes an amount of custom products and services to help serve clients. NexBank offers jumbo, government, and conforming loans. NexBank also provides delegated funding for qualified clients. NexBank does not originate loans. NexBank is also an approved seller for both Fannie Mae and Ginnie Mae. In regards to conforming loans, all applicants must meet the underwriting requirements, as well as standardized guidelines. NexBank’s mortgage banking specialists have access to a number of different loan options available through government agencies. For companies interested in Jumbo solutions, NexBank has pricing that is competitive within the market. There are options for both primary and secondary homes. All loan packages come with either floating or fixed interest rates.

NexBank has investment banking professionals help companies looking to increase their production capacity. The investment banking group works with companies to find investors whose objectives align with theirs. NexBank helps companies find the best lenders. NexBank deals with both Institutional and Corporate Lending. NexBank also deals with different types of debt placement including senior, subordinated, and hybrid debt.