New Development Around Rangers Stadium Proposed

The Dallas area may get another massive new development. Texas Live! is the name of the latest proposed project. It is planned to be constructed around the Texas Ranger’s stadiums. The rangers themselves are looking to move out of their old stadium and move into a brand new one. Texas Live! will encircle both the old and the new stadium. Cordish Companies is behind the project.

Here are some of the major highlights of Texas Live!. The developers say that the development will have a unique baseball theme. This is appropriate given that it is right in the woods near the Rangers stadiums. At the center of the development will be an outdoor space called the Live! Arena. This will have large TVs, video ribbons and an outdoor pavilion for performances. The Live! Arena is expected to take up to 35,000 square feet. This is said to be the living room of Texas Live!.

A “backyard area” called the Arlington Backyard is another key part of the project. This part of the development is expected to host concerts and art exhibits. Just how much concerts, art exhibits and performances can you host in one space though? Finishing out the Texas! Live development is a whopping 200,000 square feet of shopping and dining space. Talk about attracting shoppers and diners to an area. That is more than enough space!

Texas Live! is expected to cost around $200-250 million dollars in costs. About half of that cost will be covered by the city of Arlington. That is not bad at all, from the point of view of the developer which is the Cordish Group. But does the city of Arlington really need another retail and entertainment area? Speaking of developments, the new Rangers stadium is expected to receive almost half a billion dollars in subsidies, tax breaks and grants.

My view on both projects is this. Is now a good time to spend on entertainment, shopping and sports? Why not investment money in education and infrastructure first? The retail, shopping and dining can come later when the economy improves. Just how much of these areas can you have though? What about traffic? Arlington voters will have their say when they go to vote.