Meet the Financial Guru and Philanthropic Businessman, James Dondero

James Dondero is the co founder and current President of Highland Capital Management, L.P, which is a widely recognized financial adviser. Dondero graduated from UVA McIntire School of Commerce with the highest honors in finance and accounting.

Under his management, Highland Capital Management manages over $20 billion in assets. The firm has invested heavily in CLOs and development of credit-based solutions for various companies experiencing financial problems.

Some of the products provided by Highland Capital Management, L.P. include:
• Institutional separate accounts
• Hedge funds
• Private equity funds
• Mutual funds
• ETFs

Each of the products above has positively affected retail and institutional investors across the world, an achievement attributable to the successful leadership of Dondero. His flair largely stems from his 30-year experience in the equity and credit markets. As the co-founder of Highland Capital Management, Dondero and his team seek to provide strategies for high yield investments and to rescue distressed investments.

His increased influence in the improvement of various financial issues has earned him top-level leadership positions in the following finance and investment-oriented companies:
• NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc.
• NexBank Capital, Inc.
• Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holding, Inc.
• CCS Medical, Inc.
• Jernigan Capital, Inc.
• MGM Holdings, Inc.

His success in the accounting and financial fields has led to his certification as a certified public accountant and a certified managerial accountant. He is among the few professionals allowed to use the distinctive title, chartered financial analyst.

Apart from his impact in the business world, Dondero is also well known for his philanthropic acts when it comes to the community of Dallas. He supports various humanitarian activities oriented towards the improvement of education and conservation of nature. His benevolent nature manifests in his support for socially beneficial activities like:
• George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute
• Perot Museum of Natural Science
• Education is Freedom
• Snowball Express
• Uplift Education
• SMU’s Tower Scholars Program