James Dondero Extends His University Commitments

The president an co-founder of Highland Capital Management, L.P., James Dondero is to be on the Executive Board at Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business also known as SMU. “I am honored to assist with the numerous growth and excellence initiatives currently underway.” James Dondero has said.

Dondero is not only a leader at Highland Capital Management, he is also a member on the board for MG Studios and Jernigan Capital. In addition, Dondero is the chairman on NexBank. His chairman duties spread to Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical and NexPoint Residential Trust.

James Dondero’s newly acquired place on the board enlarges the unyielding dedication to Southern Methodist University. This incorporates the contribution of the Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars. This program will help and praise scholars and professionals in engaging in the public library. The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum will continue to receive support as well.

With over one hundred active members, the Executive Board at SMU Cox School of Business has ample resources to provide important feedback into the strategic plans of the business school. It is important to note that many of the Executive Board members and non-academics, thus broadening the horizon. The meeting take place in the winter, fall and spring of each year.

More On Highland Capital Management, L.P

Highland Capital Management is located world wide. With offices in Seoul, Sao Paolo, New York and Singapore. Headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas.

As an SEC-registered investment adviser, Highland Capital Management, L.P. in junction with is business partners has about $16 billion of in resources under it’s organization.
James Dondero an Mark Okada founded Highland in 1993. the company specializes in different strategies for credit. This includes, long-only funds, distressed and special-situation private equity and credit hedge funds. Also, Highland specializes in collateralized loan obligations commonly referred to as CLOs.

At Highland Capital Management, there are services for different investments as well. These include but are not limited to; natural resources and long or short equities. Highland caters to all types of customers, with their clients including, high net-worth clients, public pensions, endowments, foundations and corporations along with financial companies.

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