Highland Capital: Industry Leader for a Quarter Century

Founded about a quarter century ago by James Dondero and Mark Okada, Highland Capital oversees and manages approximately $15 billion in assets for its clients.

Highland Capital is ranked as one of the largest global alternative credit managers in business today. The firm also gets high marks for depth of experience in this arena as well.

Highland Capital focused on various credit strategies for its clients. These include credit hedge funds and long-only funds with separate accounts. The credit strategies used by Highland Capital also include distressed and special-situation private equity and collateralized loan obligations.

In addition to various credit strategies, Highland Capital offers an array of alternative investments. This include investments in emerging markets and natural resources. The firm also invests in long-short equities.

Highland Capital Management is distinguished by its diversified client base. The firm’s client include public pension plans and different types of foundations. The firm also manages investments for endowments, corporations, and financial institutions. The Highland Capital client list includes fund of funds, governments, and high net-worth families and individuals.

Since its establishment, the firm has been headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Highland Capital maintains other offices in New York, Singapore, San Paolo, and Seoul.

In addition to managing investments for a diversified list of clients, Highland Capital is also heavily involved in charitable endeavors. For example, the team at Highland Capital is actively involved in a wide array of different types of hands-on activities in communities across the globe.

Highland Capital is also involved in financially supporting worthwhile organizations around the world. Over the course of the past 12 years, Highland Capital has donated more than $10 million to an array of different worthy causes and organizations internationally. The firm has made it clear that it remains committed to supporting worthy organizations in the future and will continue to provide a high level of financial support to them.