Dallas Responds With Its Purse Strings As Well As With Its Heart

In the midst of trouble, there’s a whirlwind blowing in favor of law enforcement as communities display their support of law enforcement departments in their sworn duties to uphold peace in the Dallas area community. From high-profile celebrities of sorts, to everyday neighborhood citizens, the swell seems to be in favor of protecting innocent, law-abiding citizens, and officers of the law, as it always has been the case in American communities throughout our history.

In particular, donations that have been and are still coming in are going to the families of those five police officers killed, and others injured several weeks ago, as a result of responding to ambush attacks of a lone gunman.

One such notable news bit, as reported by the Dallas News, concerns Mark Cuban and two people who paid $25,000 to watch a Mav’s game right alongside of him. This was only a drop in the proverbial bucket as total contributions from restaurants, lemonade stands, massive outpourings of financial support and gifts came in from the Dallas-area and its many non-profits.

Donations gathered from children’s piggy banks, local radio and gas stations and the auction of Dallas-area sports star memorabilia came in to the tune of over $1,000,000. While some of the money has already been distributed to the families of those officers killed, some will also go towards rehabilitating those who have been emotionally scarred from the attack.

One classic example of heart-felt actions concerns two little girls, Landry Nelon, age 11, and Lauren Roach, age 12, who set up a lemonade stand in their neighborhood thinking of perhaps earning $100. Before a full two days were over, they raised nearly $10,000 in donations.

Those monies were then forwarded to The Assist the Officer Foundation, an organization run by the Dallas Police Association. Having already raised more than $5 million for the families of the slain and injured officers, the organization reports that donations still haven’t stopped coming in.

After news wire services found out about the two girls’ efforts, an additional $10,000 to the Assist The Officer Foundation was sent in to aid those affected by the latest police ambush assault.