Dallas and Baton Rouge Shooter May Be Connected

The U.S. awakened this Sunday morning of July 17th to more violence. Just after 8:30 a.m. Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a call of a man dressed in black near a commercial area. The assailant, later identified as Ex-Marine Gavin Long, was carrying a loaded assault rifle in the area. As deputies pulled onto the scene, Long open fired on them killing three officers and wounding another three. The shootout was brief as more deputies arrived on the scene, killing Long shortly afterward.

Authorities stated that there may be others involved in the incident, but refused to give any further details at the time. According to one official; “today was Long’s 29th birthday.” During the same news conference Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) stated “the violence, the hatred just has to stop.” click here: http://dallasnews.com/ for a more detailed look and officials comments. Violence breeds violence and it seems that the hunter has become the hunted in-a-sense. Officials later stated that Ex-Marine Long may have been involved in the Dallas shootings weeks ago. Authorities aren’t giving away too much information, but stated that they are looking into both cases for any possible connections.
Two of the fatally shot officers were from the Baton Rouge Police Dept. while the third officer was from East Baton Rouge’s Sheriff’s Office. Authorities are still going over specific details of the incident and wondering if the attack was a planned ambush or a spur of the moment attack. Just like the Dallas shooter case, both armed individuals were military trained, but trying to connect the dots is still a mystery. At the White House Sunday morning President Obama made an impassioned plea for calm and understanding. Obama condemned the attacks and stated that “We don’t need any inflammatory rhetoric.” In the wake of these deadly attacks, the Black Lives Matter campaign has been slandered and there’s an online petition being presented to label the movement as a terrorist group. As of now, that petition has been rejected by the White House.