James Dondero – He is There for You

Who is James Dondero? Perhaps you never heard of him. I never have, either. I researched the internet on domestic violence and his name came up. James Dondero is the co-founder of and president of Highland Capital Management, L.P., which is an investment adviser firm that specializes in credit strategies. Mr. Dondero, a resident of […]

Dallas Responds With Its Purse Strings As Well As With Its Heart

In the midst of trouble, there’s a whirlwind blowing in favor of law enforcement as communities display their support of law enforcement departments in their sworn duties to uphold peace in the Dallas area community. From high-profile celebrities of sorts, to everyday neighborhood citizens, the swell seems to be in favor of protecting innocent, law-abiding […]

The Wild Dogs of South Dallas

A woman who was attacked by a pack of loose dogs has died, according to the Dallas Observer. She died Tuesday a few days after being attacked on a residential street in south Dallas. This has brought to the forefront the problem of feral wild dogs, and loose dogs in general, in South Dallas. Police […]

Paying Tribute to a Legend in Dallas

The Dallas Observer revealed a wonderful story about an impressive young man, his name is Dalton Sherman. The story that had been reported, revolves around this young man. Many people have made the claim that they are indeed pleased to know Dalton Sherman. It may be a fact, that he is a legend who will […]

Senior Care Patients and Music Therapy Students Erich Each Other’s Lives

Music therapy students are enrolled in a special program that’s run by Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas. These students are part of the Meadows School of the Arts. This semester the students are involved in a music therapy program at the Presbyterian Village North senior care center in Dallas. The idea was to give […]