Brant Hannon Richard Thompson did an article about Brant Hannon and Richard Thompson. These two friends met when they were first year students in the Art Institute. After they met, they stayed good friends all throughout their adult life. Hannon and Thompson had many different changes such as marriage, careers and children. These two men were able to maintain their friendship through social media such as Facebook. Hannon found out that his friend had a kidney problem and he also found out that Thompson was on a waiting list for a kidney transplant.

As Thompson’s health started to decline, his friend Hannon was able to see that he started to look a lot older than his age. Hannon wanted to be able to help his friend in the best way that he could. He realized that he could possibly donate his kidney to his friend. Hannon decided to go through with the registration for a kidney donation; he wanted to see if his kidney would be a good match for his friend. Hannon soon learned that his kidney was a perfect match for Thompson. Hannon thought about his friend, his family, and his children. He wanted to do something for his friend; he knew that if his friend had the opportunity, he would do the same for him.

Thompson was very emotionally when he found out that his friend was going to donate a kidney to him, and he was touched deeply when he explained what a new kidney was going to mean for him and his life. Thompson basically said that, ‘it was something that could never be repaid.’ Now the friendship between these two men has formed into a life long bond.