Both Mlilo and Dallas Zoo Welcome a Healthy Calf

When great events happen, they tend to spiral into other great events. Mlilo, an African elephant rescued by theDallas Zoo, has just given birth to her son. The calf was born on May 14, and the zoo could not be more excited to welcome him into their family. His mother’s difficult upbringing and abusive lifestyle she lead before being rescued posed some problems during her pregnancy, so the arrival of a beautiful, baby elephant certainly put some wandering minds at ease.

Though the calf was a bit underweight at 145 pounds, the specialists at the zoo were not surprised. Typically, a baby elephant weighs over 200 pounds at birth, so Mlilo’s baby was certainly born a bit thin. However, they were just excited and thankful that he was alive. The playful calf has been described as enjoying to explore his environment, and has already demonstrated an incredibly youthful behavior that will bring further life to the famous Dallas Zoo.

The arrival of the newborn welcomed thoughts of happiness and certainly some relief. Experts described the animosity felt for the place Mlilo was rescued from, and how they hate thinking about what would have happened to her and her calf if they were still there. Thankfully, both mother and baby are doing wonderful, and will continue to have a prosperous life at the Dallas Zoo.