AT&T Announces New Plans For Downtown Space

Dallas-based AT&T has recently announced their plans to revamp their headquarters in downtown Dallas. The telecom giant plans on spending roughly $100 million on the project in addition to hiring 500 workers to add to its already large employee base of 5,800.
These renovations will be one of the largest renovation projects planned for Dallas’ downtown area. The $100 million they plan to spend will be in addition to the $100 million they have already spent on the building. According to AT&T’s Vice President Michael Peterson, the Dallas headquarters have already doubled their employee numbers since they moved to the building in 2008.
The company revealed their preliminary plans for the space for the first time recently. They have intentions of expanding their landscaped areas and adding perks like shops and eateries. The company’s vision is to create not only a destination for their employees, but also one for tourists and residents as well. They even want to close almost three blocks of streets for parking purposes as part of a new pedestrian plan.
AT&T originally began looking for placed to relocate their international headquarters, but decided to stay in Dallas in October. They currently own over 2 million square feet of space in four different buildings in the location.
The company already has plans to meet with the transportation department of the city to discuss street closure plans. They will be presenting their proposals to the city’s economic development committee and the Dallas City Plan Commission to begin discussions about incentives for some of their public improvements. AT&T will need help from the city to necessitate changes in the streets to enhance the flow of traffic and make the area friendlier to pedestrians during and after renovations.
AT&T is the largest company that holds its base in Dallas, with an annual revenue of over $146 billion, and second-largest in North Texas. Worldwide, the company has over 240,000 employees and is also the largest private-sector employer in Dallas’ downtown area.
AT&T will be expanding its sidewalk, rebuilding the south side plaza, and creating new planting and water features. There will also be new green space that has restaurants and retail spaces.