Aprima Medical Softwares finalizes the Long Awaited Relocation Of its Headquarters To Richardson

The strategic plan to relocate Aprima Medical Services Company to Richardson has finally materialized. The centralization plan would see its employee base of 250 merged in Richardson. The amalgamation of Aprima Medical Software’s North Texas Business operation is an ambitious project to instigate the already exponential growing firm to expand activities continually.

The base of operation is slated to be in a 55,000-square-foot office space in Richardson’s Telecom Corridor. The blueprint for the expansion of the fast-growing medical software firm is already in the pipeline which is expected to add innovative abilities and highly skilled personnel.

The company’s president and CEO Michael Nissenbaun stated categorically that the centralization program would no doubt help in fine tuning activities and operations and ensure top-notch customer service. In a written pronouncement, the CEO reiterated that the centralization program would create space for incorporation of more employees in the ranks to conform to the growth prospects and to breed innovative career openings for existing employees.

Aprima Medical Softwares has enjoyed success in the last 4 years receiving accolades for exemplary performance including appearing in the FastTech Award listing by Metroplex Technology Business Council and winning the group’s Tech Titan Award in the process.

Statistics tell the story, Aprima’s average growth per annum from the calendar year 2011 to 2015 stands at an average of 20%. The most interesting statistic is that this growth is expected to increase moving forward. The Richardson Head office will be charged with handling core functions like customer support, product development, administrative functions, corporate staff that are central to the realization of rapid growth.